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Freshisle Fibers is moving to a new house and a new physical shop space.

Our shop remains open for your viewing pleasure only.  Orders may be placed but will not be mailed until May 30, 2016

Orders will not be mailed until May 30, 2016.

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Freshisle Fibers unique product is 100% Suffolk wool yarn from the sheep of Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada.

Fleece is collected from various sheep farmers on Manitoulin Island after their spring shearing. The raw fleece is then sent to a mill for processing. No harmful chemicals are used in the processing, therefore, the yarn may contain small bits of straw or grass. These small bits tend to fall out when knitting or can be picked out. The natural un-dyed yarn still contains a bit of lanolin.

Once your project is completed, Suffolk wool does not felt easily, so your item is machine washable and dryable. Suffolk wool is a dense, lofty wool and will become much softer and puffy after laundering. The natural also becomes much whiter.

The dyed Suffolk wool is hand-dyed in small batches. Most of the natural dyes are obtained from the wildflowers, nuts, berries, barks, and even my own garden flowers that grow on Manitoulin Island. Other colours are obtained from a variety of brands of acid dyes and purchased natural dyes.

The nature of hand dyeing means that no two skeins will be exactly alike. Even though multiple skeins have been in the same dye pot, in the same batch, there will be slight variations between each skein.