Busy Life

Everyone says they are busy.  Busy lives.  The nature of today’s society.  But, I’ve had a bit of a reprieve from that since retiring from teaching and suddenly, my life is busy again.  Super busy.

We are moving.  In 5 short weeks.  Very short.  Some days I feel overwhelmed and other days, I’m calm and know everything will be fine.  We’re excited and happy and very ready for a change, but that doesn’t change the fact that there’s still so much to do.

Packing up our house and selling things we no longer need or want is manageable and do-able.  I’m making good progress on that front.  My stress is coming from moving and managing the business side of my life.  All that yarn!!!

I’m thinking about some sort of sale for Easter weekend to reduce my stock.  Stay tuned!  I think a sale is coming!

2 Responses to Busy Life

  1. Marjory Hartwick says:

    Surprised to here you are moving but we did see the For Sale on the house when we up this summer.
    Where are you moving to?

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