No Shipping Until May 16

Freshisle Fibers is moving to a new house and a new physical shop space.

Our shop remains open for your viewing pleasure only.  Orders may be placed but will not be mailed until May 16th, 2016

Orders will not be mailed until May 16th, 2016.

Thank you for your patience.

3 Responses to No Shipping Until May 16

  1. Peggy says:

    Just wondering if you have a shop as well as on-line shopping.
    I will be in Gore Bay around the end of June the first week of July.
    If you do I would like to pop in for a little retail therapy.
    Also where your shop is located.
    thank you Peggy Crawford

    • Admin says:

      Yes, I have a little shop, but we’re right in the middle of moving and re-organizing now, so not open yet. Hopefully soon!! and definitely by the end of June. We’re in Gordon Township, just a bit west of Gore Bay, turn left at Noble Lumber and go to the end of that road – Noble Sideroad. We’re at the end of Noble Sideroad and on the corner of 4th Gordon Line. I’m also at the Gore Bay Farmers’ Market every Friday morning during the summer months.

  2. Peggy says:

    thank you. I know where you are so will be able to get to your store.

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