Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Trailer

The trailer.  The long awaited, dreamed of, planned for endlessly, magical trailer has arrived and was ready for our first foray out to the Gore Bay Farmers’ Market on Friday.

Many hours of planning and work by my darling husband and his friends turned an empty shell into the mobile shop that I imagined.  Maybe even better than I imagined.


There are some tweaks to be made and additions to come, but at least we’re up and running.  I’m thrilled with the result and we had so many lovely and positive comments for our first market.


The best part for us as vendors was not having to carry our tables, tent, and products into the market area, not having to set everything up, then take everything down, and carry it all back again to the truck.  It was such a relief to just close up the doors and come home at the end of the market.  A big time saver and much easier on our poor old backs!


I can offer so much more selection this way and it’s so much easier for me to keep track of my stock as well.  There’s separate sections for each weight and colour of yarns, the kits, the needles and accessories, and the soaps and salves.  We had some shoppers come to the house on Saturday as well and it was just a breeze to open up the door and welcome them into our little mobile shop.  All good things so far!


But, just as we cross one thing off our list, more appear.  I need to get dyeing!  I need to make more soap!  I need to get more patterns out there!, I need better signage!, I need to order more needles!, I need to put together more kits!, I need to update the website!  Slowly, slowly, eventually!  One step at a time.  Slowly.


But, no lists of things to do today.  It’s pouring rain here today and we’re all having a much needed rest day.