Monthly Archives: September 2016

Surviving the Summer

We’re well into September and hoping that our fall holds calmness and quiet and time and joy.  Our summer was maybe not so much like that.

Just thinking of the last few months leaves me stunned!

We moved to a new house at the end of April.  Todd’s mother died the same week we moved.  We learned that we needed to re-do the weeping bed of our septic system shortly after the move and lived without a septic bed for almost 6 weeks.  Our new trailer arrived and Todd spent many days getting it ready for markets.  Still lots to do on the trailer, but it was useable for this year.  We built a new garage.  Still lots to do on that front as well.  Wool and supplies still in storage but hopefully will be moved by the end of the month.  My old car was starting to worry me and I bought a new car.  Working on selling my old car is a lot of work!  Then, at the end of August, Todd’s father died suddenly as the result of a bleeding ulcer.  We were still dealing with the loss of his mother and all the paperwork and ‘stuff’, and now we are coping with more.  More loss, more paperwork, more sadness.

Enough already.

But, we’re plodding ahead, holding on tightly to each other, and adjusting our plans and timelines as we go.  We’re warm and dry and well fed!  We have each other and the rest will come.  A finished garage, a deck, a completed trailer, time for dyeing and soap making, time for hunting and fishing, time for joy will come.  It will.

Hawberry Bush - Manitoulin Island

Small joys.  A hawberry bush loaded with hawberries just down the road from our new home is glorious this time of year.  Small joys.