Monthly Archives: April 2017

Market Musings

We just attended our first expo last weekend.  Sort of like a market and lots of sales, but also different in that many people were there just for information.  It was interesting.  Let’s hope that information translates into future sales as well!

We love our mobile shop and people seem to be so interested once they are in it, BUT, sometimes people just don’t come in!!!!  I’ve fretted about it, worried about it, thought about it endlessly and have no solution.  We have signage, huge signage.  We have an attractive outside display.  We are welcoming and in no way give a hard sell.  BUT … sometimes people just don’t even approach!

We watched many people come in, park, get out of their cars, and ignore us.  Then they come out, get back in their cars, and never come near us.  We’ve watched this happen at our local farmers’ market as well and are amazed.  Why?  I don’t understand.  Do they just see yarn and think, “I don’t knit, I’m not interested”, and continue on?  Maybe.  It’s strange.  We have so much more and they never see it!

One of our big sellers this weekend were the cedar sachets.  A hand sewn burlap bag stuffed with cedar shavings from Manitoulin cedar and tied with a ribbon.  Just a small sachet to put with your yarn OR to hang in your car, your boat, your camper, your closet – anywhere!  I know others would have loved them, too, BUT because they didn’t come near us, they missed them.  What to do, what to do?

I just want to share with everyone.  To pass the goodness along!

I am so happy with the people who did visit the mobile shop, whether they made a purchase or not.  We had so many positive comments and met some lovely people.  It was a beautiful sunny day, a slight chilly wind, but all in all, nice spring weather.  I know I just need to focus on that and relax about those who missed seeing and experiencing all our wonderful things!  Their loss!